PhD Student.

Psychology and eHealth; Online Psychological Interventions; Health promotion; Psychology 2.0; Children and Adolescents Mental Health; Evaluation and treatment of pain.

I am a psychologist and researcher. I received my degree from the University of Barcelona (2008) and went on to study an Official Master’s degree in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies at the University of Deusto (2008-2010). After working for some years as a clinical and health psychologist, I was involved in research activities related to the effectiveness of psychoeducational interventions for depression in primary care and, later, in the field of online psycho-social interventions for paediatric pain problems. I started collaborating with PSiNET in 2013, and I am currently a member of the group and consultant for the Master’s degree in Psychology, Health and Quality of Life. I am also a PhD student in the Doctoral Program on the Information and Knowledge Society at the Open University of Catalonia.