Collaborator with the PSiNET research group.

Psychology and eHealth; Online Psychological Interventions; Health promotion; Child and Adolescent Mental Health.

I am a psychologist licensed by the Open University of Catalonia (2012), after studying the specialty of Clinical and Health Psychology. Since earning my degree, I have taken different complementary training courses. Some examples are a workshop in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy accredited by Doctors Aaron Beck and Judith Beck from the Aaron Beck Institute in Philadelphia. I combine professional practice in the private sector in the Corachan Clinic, the Bofill Clinic and the Catalan Institute of Medical Services. In the educational sector, I work as a tutor for the Psychology Degree at the UOC, and I collaborate in the coordination of the Psychology Group, also at the UOC. In addition to collaborating with the PSiNET group, I also participate in the PATI project of the Càritas Diocesana in Girona.