If you are a student, you have the opportunity to enter the world of research by participating in one of our ongoing projects. We offer you the possibility of learning to design surveys, carry out interviews, analyze data, interpret them from a theoretical framework, elaborate reports, evaluate interventions, and become involved in other tasks of a researcher in psychology. If you would like to work on a doctoral degree with us, you can develop your thesis project within the team’s conceptual framework and some of our lines of research. We offer you a collaborative environment open to your interests, experience in thesis management, and a broad network of national and international contacts.


If you are already a researcher, we want to explore the possibility of establishing synergies between research projects with you and your group, organizing collaborative efforts, and engaging in an exchange of knowledge, resources and experiences.


If you are an institution or company linked to the world of psychology, health or ICT, do not hesitate to contact us to establish means of collaboration and find out what initiatives we can carry out together.